An Insecure Mother, seeking happiness.

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A blog about mental health, parenting and general ramblings.

As 2013 has drawn to a close I have decided that I need to find a healthy outlet for my negative thoughts. A blog seems like a good place to moan and vent, at the very least it will give my poor husband a break.

I hope to share my ups and downs, my insecurities and the many trials of being a mother in the modern materialistic world in which we live.

However, I hope to make this more than just another parenting blog. Mental health experiences, and the general pains of family, not to mention the many joys of in laws will all feature, as will my bizarre ramblings and streams of consciousness when there’s something that just needs to be said.

I have strong opinions on many things, but do not see this blog as a way of lecturing others, rather a space to explain the decisions I have made in life and share the results. I choose to keep my identify to myself for 3 reasons;
1) I’ve never managed to keep a secret before and want to see if I can actually do it!
2) I don’t want to offend anyone with moans about the in laws
3) quite frankly I’m a bit embarrassed about my feelings in some situations.

So – I hope some people read this, and that at least one person enjoys it. Happy New Year.

5 thoughts on “An Insecure Mother, seeking happiness.

  1. I Love the brutal honesty of mothers. We deserve respect to vent our feels and emotions! Motherhood is hard work, and definitely under appreciated by most of society, and undervalued because it’s “not work outside of the home”. You go girl, I look forward to reading!

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