Boobs AND Brain and other ramblings of my week.

So, I have now returned to work from a far too short maternity leave and I am exhausted!

I explained to my husband that I felt this was due to the fact I have been using both my boobs and my brain.

I’d forgotten how much energy teaching takes- particularly as I teach a practical subject.

And then there’s the pumping. I’m expressing breastmilk twice a day at work, during my breaks- this is wiping me out! Not only do I miss my toilet breaks and any social time I would have had in the day, I’m also using the same amount of energy I would be if I was breastfeeding. So, I am using my boobs, and my brain. We laughed that people usually only have to use one of these. No wonder I’m shattered.

In other news, I completed my week of “Facebook cold turkey” with ease. And now, I really can’t be bothered with it! I have logged on occasionally, and there is a breasfeeding group that I see as extended family, (who will probably quickly work out who I am if they see this!) so I will continue to use that page, but I am confident that with the rest I can pick and choose without obsession. Yay. Well done me.

Finally, a week back at work done. Ignoring a car nightmare that is too complicated to go into, it was OK. I missed little one like crazy, and the monkey had a hungry day when she refused a bottle, but otherwise all was good. Weaning starts tomorrow. Argh! Wish me luck.


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