Reflection on the new years resolution.

I need to get myself back on track. I set out to reclaim my happiness this year, and after a great start it is slipping away. I will not let this become just another failed resolution.

So, time to reflect. I broke my simple resolution down into steps.
Count my blessings
I am grateful every day for my beautiful daughter and loving husband. I am grateful for my house, my job, my family. I count my blessings daily. TICK.

Remember those that matter
Yes, those that matter are never forgotten, but I sadly spend time worrying about those that do not matter too. HALF TICK.

Unclutter my life, (including my brain and my to do list!)
Slowly getting there…. HALF TICK

Be a better wife
Big fat fail. I still need to do more for my husband. 😦

Ask for help
Sometimes… HALF TICK

Stop comparing myself to others
Another big fat fail 😦

Give everything I do my full attention
Nearly there. There is still too much multi tasking, but I am improving. HALF TICK.

Don’t obsess
I STILL spend too much time thinking about things and people that really don’t matter. To the point of obsession. I MUST stop. Another fail.

Cut down on facebook
A definite success at the start of the year. Now not so good. I have decided to stay off Facebook completely for the first week of every month.  HALF TICK.

All aimed at helping me to BE HAPPY.
In conclusion some days good, some days not so good. This was never going to be a quick fix.  I haven’t given up. I’m still trying.


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