Places my daughter has thrown up without me noticing.

We have a sicky baby. However, when discussing with friends I discover she is no more sicky than most. So, if you are planning a family, heed my warning and prepare yourself for sick.

And I don’t mean those cute little white splats babies leave on shoulders- I mean entire stomach contents at high speed.

There comes a time however when you stop noticing the moment it happens, then you get the joy of later discovery.

1) Our Bedroom Mirror
I stopped to check my reflection yesterday, (this is unusual as I am often both short on time and scared of what I might see), I then discovered it looks like a bird has pooed all over it.

2) The Outside Of her Crib
This one baffles me. A long crusty line of sick runs right down one edge.

3) Underneath the throws on the sofa
This was not noticed until I removed the throws to wash them, (as they too were covered in sick!)

4) The Dining Room Table
Nothing says “join us for dinner” better than a white puddle on your place mat.

5) My Side of the Bed
How lovely to roll over and wonder what the wet patch is. How strange to be relieved when you discover it is only sick.

6) My clothes
This happens often- the best obey being 15 minutes before parents evening at work.

7) My Face
Yes she was sick on ny face, and no, I didn’t notice straight away. This was also just before meeting parents.

8) My Boob
Not only did I miss this one, apparently so did she. My classy little girl proceeded to carry on feeding regardless, sucking the sick back to whence it came. (yeap – they really do that kind of thing)

9) The Bath
It was only when I realised the bath water was now white that I noticed  the sick on her chin.

10) A Restaurant floor
Noticed by my feed as I slipped up on it.

This list will no doubt grow over time, and now we have started to introduce solids I am sure the sick will be even more delightful.

Bodily fluids hey- only as a parent could you find you have turned into the type of person that would write a blog post about them!


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