I should really go to the gym

I should really go out tonight

I should really invite Mr and Mrs Smith round for dinner

I should really watch less TV

How often do you use the word should?  And do we really mean should?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, should is “used to ask what is the correct or best thing to do.”

I find myself guilty of using should to make myself do things I do not want to. For example, I do not enjoy going out and drinking/curbing. But if friends are going I have in the past felt like I too should go. I should enjoy the film everyone else is talking about, I should make sure that I blah blah blah.

Do I really mean should? Do I mean that it is the “correct or best thing to do”? Or do I in fact mean that I feel pressure to do something that I will not enjoy and will have no positive affect on my life.

I’ve made the effort, in more recent times, to do things because I want to, or need to (need- now there’s a word we really misuse!) and not because I feel like others say I should.

The only things that really are the “correct and best things to do” are the ones that make us happy. (and pay the bills!)


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