A mind marathon?

The Diary of an Insecure Mother

Suggestions needed for a challenge please.

I am forever inspired by and in awe of those who can climb mountains, run marathons or succeed at some other physical challenge.

I can not. Sport is not my thing. I am not physically fit, and although I am in reasonable health I was not designed to put my body through that kind of stress.

I do however, constantly strive to better myself, to rise to, and to complete a challenge. I thrive on the attention and praise of such an event, I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and I long for the pride and happiness success brings.

But what can I do? I want it to be something that I need to work at, something easy would negate the point.

I want something with a measurable end result. So I can see success and so others can share it.

I want something…

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