Why I am jealous of Makka Pakka

Makka pakka


Yes, you read that correctly. Makka Pakka, that strange little being with the funny shaped head.

My daughter, now nearly 10 months, has just started to fully appreciate TV, and Makka Pakka is her absolute favorite. In fact, it seems he is responsible for her new found clapping skill.  In The Night Garden, for those that have not seen it, is an odd little world of confusing, ever changing scale that is inhabited by rogue vehicles and odd beings.  Makka Pakka is a funny little being who likes to collect stones and clean.  My little fairy loves him.  She squeals with excitement when he appears, and waves and claps both hands.

However, the excitement he causes in my daughter is not the reason I am jealous of him.

Last night’s viewing set me off on a whole new pondering.  The story went something like this, Makka Pakka was out looking for stones.  He couldn’t find any.  Meanwhile in other parts of the garden, stones were just lying around for others to find.  And find them they did.  Upsy Daisy, Igglepiggle, all three of the Tombliboos and even the teeny tiny Pontipines all found stones.  And when they saw the stones the picked them up and went in search of Makka Pakka so they could give them to him.

They found something, something, which to them, was unimportant and insignificant, and yet they took time out of their day to find Makka Pakka because they knew he would like it.  How lovely. They handed the stones over to Makka Pakka and he repaid them with nothing but a hug. In fact, the lovely little Pontipines gave their stone in secret, quietly depositing it when he wasn’t looking, not even expecting praise in return. (Although a Makka Pakka hug would have easily smothered the tiny family).

The delighted Makka Pakka arranged his stones in a perfect little pattern on the floor.  Happiness was all over his rugby ball shaped face.  His friends, had gone out of their way to bring him happiness.  How lovely.  How many of us can say that we have friends that would do this for us? More to the point, how many of us would do this for others?

If any of these characters ever said anything other than their own names, we would expect to hear “I saw this and thought of you”.

I would love to be delivered stones. Perhaps it is true that I would like the stones to actually be cake, or shoes, or chocolate, but the fact remains that I would also have happiness on my oddly shaped face if friends went out of their way to deliver things to me.  Things, that to them, are as odd and worthless as stones, but that they think I would like. Pink fluffy things perhaps, or fairy related paraphernalia.

Friends who read this, thank you.  Some of you really do go out of your way for me, and I am forever appreciative of this.  In return, I will make sure that I do the same for you, should I find your stone lying around.

Makka Pakka really does have it all.  His fantastic little squeaky scooter, great friends, and happiness caused by the smallest things.  What a lucky little guy.





3 thoughts on “Why I am jealous of Makka Pakka

  1. This is just great!dont change your writing style at all, you’ve got a heartfelt, warm and welcoming nature to your writing and it makes your posts enjoyable and fun to read. Keep up the good work

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