Please don’t eat your wand…

You find yourself saying some odd things as a parent. For me, with a nearly ten month old who likes to put anything and everything in her mouth, (and bite!) the most common phrase of all is “…. is not for eating L”

Mummy’s face is not for eating.
This includes, but is not limited to, her chin, her nose, her cheek, her eyebrows and her forehead.

Books are not for eating.
Mummy and Daddy met when they both worked in the same bookshop – are you doing this to wind us up?!

Wands are not for eating.
They are for magic. Also not for eating are your wings, your bunny ears and your Christmas hat. Anyone would think you didn’t want Mummy to dress you up!

Remote controls are not for eating.
And should you decide to sneak up and do so when Mummy’s back is turned, you should not get upset if Mr Tumble or Makka Pakka disappear from the screen.

Mobile phones are not for eating.
They are for talking on. (Or playing games, Facebooking or blogging) There is no ‘eat me’ app installed on mummy’s phone. Please put it back.

Feet are not for eating.
Not Mummy’s feet, or Daddy’s feet. Not Grannie’s feet or Grampy’s feet. Not your Auntie’s feet or the feet of your friend who has just arrived in his pushchair. Eating feet is also not the traditional and socially accepted way of introducing yourself to the other babies Mummy opposite us at Baby Sensory. (incidently, nor is stealing and eating their mobile phone.) Even your own feet, although yours by rights, are not really for eating.

Wires and cables are not for eating.
That’s just silly and dangerous, and it makes me look bad!

That other babies hand is not for eating.
The other mums are starting to talk about you my darling.

Bathtime octopus is not for eating.
I know you love him, I know he protects you from the rubber duck who you find so inexplicably terrifying, but please don’t eat him.

Darling girl. I promise you this, when things are allowed to be eaten it will be clear. That stuff Daddy and I put in your bowl or on your plate when you sit in your highchair- that’s for eating. (not throwing on the floor!)


4 thoughts on “Please don’t eat your wand…

  1. Hey!
    I popped on by to have a read after seeing your post asking for insight on your blog.
    So far I’ve only just read this post and it made me chuckle.
    I can imagine your daughter reading this in the future and having a laugh about it.
    I liked your writing style and the short but to the point paragraphs under the headlines.
    I’ll have a read around and leave a comment on another post about your writing style.
    My opinion of the layout: slightly confusing, although clear and tidy, the circles on your home page originally looked like pictures rather than links to your posts. Naturally not being able to find anything else on the home page I clicked on one and it lead me here. If there wa a way you could show people that they have To click on a circle and then the little speech bubble to comment would make it a little clearer but on the whole, it’s tidy, clean, and easy to move around (I’ve been on some blogs that are like minefields so this was pretty simple and easy! Bravo!)
    Thanks for allowing me to comment, hope you liked my input x

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