To my father and my daughter’s father.

Cleaner, cook, shopper, helper with homework, provider of financial advice, fashion consultant and entertainment coordinator.

What makes a father? Biologically that answer is a simple one, but we all know that there is a lot more to being a Dad than little swimmers.

My Dad is the best example of this that you could ever hope to find. *Technically* he is my step father. But that step exists on paper only, not in his eyes and heart and certainly not in mine. He has celebrated with me in the best moments of my life, and cried with me in the worst. He has fought for my rights and defended me in disputes. We have rowed and we have shouted, we have sworn and we have thrown things. When learning to drive tensions ran high and when searching for missing things the messy bedroom was always pointed out. He loves me as his own and I frequently forget the existence of that step. His choice to father me makes him all the more valuable.

Thank you Dad.
Thank you for picking me up from school when I was too illfor maths.
Thank you for the endless notes getting me out of P.E.
Thank you for your anger when the ‘biological one‘ let me down time and time again.
Thank you for making my Mum happy.
Thank you for sacrificing your precious time off to explain, explain and explain again the many stupid and pointless quadratic equations that were forced upon me.
Thank you for writing to the manufacturer for the last few cards to ensure my Take That collectors cards were a complete set.
Thank you for giving me the duvet and sofa that day we were both off sick.
Thank you for introducing me to real music.
Thank you for distracting the teenage me with garden hose shopping when my heart was first broken.
Thank you for proof reading many many dull dull essays throughout my degree.
Thank you for spending hour after hour reworking the weekly ‘chocolate limit’ on the budget plan you made me. (and thanks for not being cross when I always spent the lot on Monday!)
Thank you for giving me away on the happiest day of my life.
Thank you for being a wonderful wonderful grandfather to my proudest creation. Your granddaughter adores you.

Thank you for choosing to be my Dad.

My husband has, in my eyes, always been a wonderful man. However, since he became a father my love and admiration for him has increased beyond all measure.

He calmly sacrifices both sleep and leisure time, without a moments hesitation to play with and care for our daughter. He feeds her from his plate, and shops with her in mind. He washes and irons her clothes and holds her when she cries. He was, without doubt, born to be a father. A more natural Daddy I never did see.

Thank you my darling.

Thank you for being the rock on which our family is built.
Thank you for allowing me to be the best parent I can be.
Thank you for the yummy food.
Thank you for teaching me about proper films.
Thank you for showing our daughter that real men are equal to real women, and neither is more or less valued.
Thank you for showing our daughter that love is all that is needed for a relationship to work.
Thank you for holding things together when I fall apart.
Thank you for the sacrifices you make daily to ensure that she and I have all we need and are happy.
Thank you for loving us.

Thank you for making us a family.

To my Daddy, and to my daughter’s Daddy.

I have needed you both at many points in my life, and you have always been there.

I promise that in return I will use the wisdom and strength you have given me to be the best person I can be.

I will love you forever and I will always, always, be there for you when you need me too.


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