Letters to my Aunt. 

Dear Aunt Flo,

Are you coming to visit soon? Please come and visit. You’ve been to see my friends and I want to be grown up too. Mummy says she’s sure you will be here soon and we’ve got lots of special things from the shop all ready for when you arrive.

Lots of love
A (aged 11)

Dear Aunt Flo,

Bog off will you?! I’m rather fed up with the bad mood you put me in, the spots on my face and the never ending checking to see if you’ve left yet.


A (aged 16)

Dear Aunt Flo,

I know we usually see each other soon, but, well, there’s someone I quite like, and he’s, well, he’s staying this weekend… Would you mind if you didn’t come and stay until next week?
I’d be ever so grateful…?


A (aged 19)

Dear Aunt Flo,

I haven’t seen you for a while. Is everything OK?

You used to come and stay every few weeks, and now there’s often months between your visits.  I’ve been really stressed at work, and not eating well, but it’d be nice to see you a little more regularly.

What do you think?

A (aged 25) 

Dear Aunt Flo, 

I’m getting married next week.  We can’t fit you in the ceremony… Please stay away. Also, please don’t come and visit me when I’m on my honeymoon!

Another thing.  You see, the thing is, hubby and I have plans. And these plans, well, it would mean that we wouldn’t get to see you for a while…

I know it will be hard, but we are ready, we really really want this.  It’s time.

A (aged 28) 

Aunt Flo, 

I didn’t want to see you this month. You weren’t welcome. Please don’t come next month.

A (aged 28) 

Dear Aunt Flo, 

Thank you!  I’m so grateful you got my message and stayed away.  See you in a few months! (9ish yeah?!)

A (aged 28)

Dear Aunt Flo, 

It’s been a while hey?!  Over 2 years in fact! I know that you don’t approve of my breastfeeding, I know that it makes you stay away, but I won’t stop. Not for you. Yes, it’s true, I’d like to see you again, I’d like to see you again so I can make some plans, but I won’t stop breastfeeding just so you’ll visit.  I hope you’ll back down and visit soon.  

I’m ready to see you again… Even if it’s only once or twice before another long break from you?

A (aged 31) 

Dear Aunt Flo, 

Lovely to see you again!

You were a more difficult guest than I remember you being. Have you always been like that? Have you always caused me so much pain? Have you always stayed so long and made such a mess when you were here?

Well, anyway, it was nice to see you again, but I don’t mind if you want to stay away for a bit now.

A (aged 31)

Dear Aunt Flo, 

One more visit please, and one would be enough. But your last visit, well it didn’t really count.  I didn’t get what I needed from you.  Things went wrong, and, well, I need you to visit one more time… Then you can stay away for a bit again. 


A (aged 31) 


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