A mind marathon?

Suggestions needed for a challenge please.

I am forever inspired by and in awe of those who can climb mountains, run marathons or succeed at some other physical challenge.

I can not. Sport is not my thing. I am not physically fit, and although I am in reasonable health I was not designed to put my body through that kind of stress.

I do however, constantly strive to better myself, to rise to, and to complete a challenge. I thrive on the attention and praise of such an event, I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and I long for the pride and happiness success brings.

But what can I do? I want it to be something that I need to work at, something easy would negate the point.

I want something with a measurable end result. So I can see success and so others can share it.

I want something worthy.

I want something that is unique to me.  What’s the creative equivalent of a marathon? What’s the non physical version of climbing a mountain?

What can I do that not everyone can?  What is special about me?

What do you do to challenge yourself?


Are you sitting down? I’m feeling happy!!

Oh dear, I have been a moaning minnie recently. And what has it achieved? Nothing except making me miserable. Time to remind myself of that new years resolution and try especially hard to be happy.

Things are improving. This week has brought about a change and my troops are growing in number. I have company planned for my expressing breaks and I no longer feel so forgotten. I am so so grateful to colleagues for understanding my loneliness and being willing to support me in this.

In addition to this good news there has been some press coverage about tongue tie and I feel excited by the raised awareness this will bring. I am ready to get fully involved in the fight to both improve and increase support and am eager for the challenge this will bring. I am keen to throw myself at this topic will full force. (I discuss my own experience of tongue tie in my post My Breastfeeding Journey, because she’s worth it.)

It has been a week of eating cake, baking cake, giggles and smiles from my little fairy and the addition of a perfectly said “mama” to her skills.

I am going to allow myself to be happy, to recognise that happiness and celebrate it. Yay! Go me.